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  • App Visibility in the Google Play Store

    There are key differences between acheiving visibility in the Google Play store, and in the app store, including optimization and insights, search driven discovery, immediate app approval process (Google Play) and Global outreach and growth. Our methodology takes these into account when determining the best strategy for your app.

  • User Retention Rates

    In order to remain in the top search results of the Google Play store, net installs (or user retention) is vital. The algorithm tracks “net” installs, taking into account uninstalls and will only consider apps that have remained installed on the device. ASO Stealth can ensure that this is the case.

  • Loyal User Downloads

    Just because someone downloads an app, doesn’t mean they are a loyal user. Loyal users are a core part of any successful app. Loyal users are those users who use the app repeatedly, make in-app purchases, register for updates, frequently download app updates and other actions that tie directly to the ROI of the app.

  • Search Term Relevance

    Both keywords in the title and in the app description can be used to increase search term relevance, however it must be done in a way that seems natural to ensure you capture the right audience.


App Store Optimization (ASO) matters

especially when launching a successful app, or suite of apps for competitive terms



Increase Net Installs

Google’s ranking algorithm is skewed in favor of apps that show user retention. The more “net” installs, the higher the rank. The Google algorithm tracks uninstalls and takes into account only apps that remain installed. We can help ensure this.

Track User’s Post-Install Events

Studies show that many users who install an app never even use it or abandon it after a single use. We help track the events of each user post install to determine actions that tie back to ROI.

Advanced Search Options

We integrate with Google Play stores search and interaction features to provide advanced results that make it easier for users to search for apps, no matter the rank.

App Visibility

You have to be seen in relevant searches to increase downloads and user interaction, and if you do not have the proper ASO strategy in place, you could be missing several key downloads that will help to achieve visibility in certain searches

Track Performance Variables

We have tools that anonymously track performance variables such as: rank, installs, cost, and traffic source

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Our Methodology

  • Define relevant keywords

    Through rigorous research and testing ASO Stealth will identify the right keywords for your app that will give the results you need.

  • Include top keywords in the app title

    The keywords with the best results should be placed in the app title – something that is determined during the research phase.

  • Include app name and all other keywords multiple times in description

    Increasing the number of times a keyword appears in the item description can drastically increase search visibility. It’s important, however that this is done in a natural way.

  • Use city and country names if the description of geographies are relevant to your app

    If users are looking for an app that works in their specific city, they will often include the city in their search. Optimize your search visibility by including that information in your description

  • Test search rank for all keywords

    This is carried out in our research phase to determine which keywords are the most competitive.

  • Measure and optimize results from search on keywords

    Measuring keyword results is vital to analyze the potential success from any keyword. Once this is done keywords can be optimized to give the best results.


Plan A


  • Play Store Assessment - current description, keyword, title etc
  • Keyword + Search Rank Analysis
  • Loyal User Assessment - define loyal users, stats

Plan B

*App Based

contact for pricing
  • All Features of Plan A
  • Location Based App - geographic assessment, language, search
  • Weekly KPI Reporting
  • Device Optimization - cross device and screen optimization
  • User Engagement Monitoring - including data reporting

Plan C

*App Based

contact for pricing
  • All Features of Plan A & B
  • Daily KPI Reporting
  • Behavioral Segmentation
  • A/B Testing - determining, CTR w/versioning, convert app users to payers
  • Initial User Downloads
  • Initial User Time in-app data


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There are several key differences between ASO in the Google Play store and the App store that you need to know. Download our free eguide to help get informed!