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App stores and especially App Store Optimization haven’t been around too long yet, which explains why many marketers still makes frequent mistakes against optimizing their apps in the app store. Here are the ones most commonly made and how to avoid them!

1. Inefficient Use of Keywords

Yes, incorporating keywords that are highly searched for is important, but it shouldn’t be your main focus. Instead, take the time to compile a list that has niche and valuable keywords.

After determining the target group of your app, place yourself in their minds and imagine what keywords they would insert when looking for an app like yours. Try to use relevant keywords so people can easily find your app and so that your app can get ranked as high as possible.

2. Leaving out description and screenshots

A good description of your app is crucial to persuade people to download it. Explain what your app does and how the users can benefit by downloading and actually using it. If it has many apps alike in a particular category, explain why your app stands out – what makes it the best one out there?

Although a good description is crucial, it shouldn’t come as a surprise thats screenshots might talk louder that your description does. Insert a few good and clear screenshots where the viewer can see clearly what you app does and how good it actually is. A combination of a good description and great screenshots is what will make people download your app!

3. Having “download” as ultimate goal

A big mistake many app store marketers make, is thinking that you’ve won when a lot of people download your app. Yes, downloading the app is the first step to success but you’re not quite there yet! In order to stand out from all the other apps and to be successful on a long-term, you actually need a useful app that people like to use. An excellent product will lead to many downloads (when good ASO is applied!), not the other way around!

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