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An Enterprise App Store, or simply EAS, is an online app store on which employees can download and install certain apps that are approved by the company. This way, the company can closely supervise the usage of the application and the licensing and distribution of the apps.

The reason why the surveillance over these enterprise apps and its usage in the office is so important, is because these are not the “ordinary” apps you see in the app store. These apps are important for the company’s productivity. Examples are customer list management apps and purchase order generators.

Now why should companies have these EAS? The biggest advantage is the control that the company will have over marketing, selling and distributing their products/services. All the needed applications can be found in one spot, which will make it easier to detect any problems and fix them quickly. The risk of processes going wrong is hereby reduced.

Here’s an example of an EAS, the Cisco AppHQ: a secure application center that offers private apps for enterprises.