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You can use as many white hat ASO methods as you want to make your app more visible and downloaded, but there is no better way than getting user recommendations about it.

User recommendations, or people telling how great your app is, how much they love it and how well it works and highly rating it, is free marketing for your app – and it’s the best kind possible!

Of course, you can’t just create a new app and hope someone gives a recommendation about it and expect it to be the most-downloaded app in the App Store. You will have to put some effort in your ASO, and the user recommendations that you will get are extra bonuses!


People always tend to rely on other people’s opinions and recommendations before purchasing or downloading something. How many times have you downloaded a mobile game just because your friends can’t stop bragging about how awesome it is? And how many times do you check Yelp before dining at a restaurant you’ve never been before?

Definitely keep this in mind when marketing your app. Use a combination of white hat ASO methods and put those valuable user recommendation in the spotlight. We guarantee it’s the best way possible to get your app to the top!