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Before the era of apps and the App Store, there was SEO as we’ve always known it. White hat methods (and sometimes black hat methods) to make sure your company’s webpage shows up at the top in the Google Search Ranking to create more visibility and ultimately more conversion, that’s what it was all about.

But things have changed. With more than 25 million apps in the iTunes App Store and with an overall app-usage growth of 115% in 2013, it’s only normal that companies go along with modern times and integrate apps for employees to use in the office [read our previous article about ASO: What is it and why does your company need it]. Now it’s all about ASO – App Store Optimization.

But more interesting are the companies and brands that create their very own app. It’s not uncommon anymore for enterprises (small, medium and large) to create their own company app to be seen as more “professionally” and to get more visibility on the mobile web.

But how do you optimize those apps? By using your SEO knowledge!

Yes, to beat over 600,000 apps in iTunes and over 450,000 in Android’s Play Store, you’ll need skills to do so. If you have been managing your company’s SEO for quite a while now, you will have an advantage of the ones who are new to the game.

Instead of focusing on Google Search Page Results (SEO) you should focus on Apple’s and Android’s App Store Rankings (ASO). And instead of focusing on Google’s Search Algorithms, focus on Apple’s and Android’s ones.

Using the right keywords, meta tags etc. also apply for your ASO. Use the knowledge you have about SEO and translate it into ASO. That’s the key to a successful app!

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